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Verama – a growth engine for Aurobay

Engaged, fast and flexible consultant management makes engine manufacturer Aurobay ready to face the future.

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full year 2021

The year in brief

net sales
sek million
Net sales increased by 7.8% to SEK 13,189 million (12,238).
operating profit
sek million
The operating profit increased by 34,5% to SEK 126.8 million (94.3).
earnings per share
Earnings per share before dilution increased by 41.3% to SEK 5.68 (4.02).
order intake
sek million
Order intake for the full year increased by 18% to SEK 19,979 million (16,888).
number of consultants
The number of consultants on assignment peaked at 11,827 (10,542).
The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of SEK 5.00 per share (4.50).
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Portrait of Karin Schreil, CEO, Ework Group.
ceo's statement

Ework strengthens its position as market leader

In 2021, Ework Group further developed its leading position in the consultant market. Access to skills is one of the most critical issues of our age, and Ework Group is a player that offers tangible solutions. We continueto win market shares, and an increasing proportion of our net sales comes from assignments where we match consultants to clients’ needs.

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Karin Schreil, CEO, Ework Group.

Screenshot of the Verama app.

Verama – the new meeting place

Verama has established itself as the new meeting place for buyers and sellers of consulting services. More and more actors see the benefits of using Verama VMS for a more efficient purchasing and management of consulting services.

Portrait of Karin Schreil, CEO, Ework Group.
Karin Schreil, ceo, Ework Group:

She sees skills as the new gold

She has a conviction that anything is possible and a desire to make a difference. Ework Group’s new CEO Karin Schreil sees skills as the new gold – and gets energy from digging deep with the shovel in her garden.

Ulf Ohlfeldt, Head of PayExpress, Ework Group.

Better payment terms with PayExpress

Clients want to extend their payment terms, while consultants want to get paid faster. The PayExpress financing service satisfies the interests of both parties while strengthening Ework Group’s core business.

the Ai-expert:

"Strengthen your team"

AI expert Errol Koolmeister helps major companies find the right talents and build effective teams to best utilize the potential of artificial intelligence.

Errol Koolmeister, AI-expert.

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Portrait of Errol Koolmeister.

We match consultants with assignments