full year 2021

The year in brief

Two engineers talking, holding a tablet.
net sales
sek million
Net sales increased by 7.8% to SEK 13,189 million (12,238).
operating profit
sek million
The operating profit increased by 34,5% to SEK 126.8 million (94.3). 
earnings per share
Earnings per share before dilution increased by 41.3% to SEK 5.68 (4.02).
order intake
sek million
Order intake for the full year increased by 18% to SEK 19,979 million (16,888).
number of consultans
The number of consultants on assignment peaked at 11,827 (10,542).
The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of SEK 5.00 per share (4.50).
Net sales in Sweden increased by 5% to SEK 9,989 million (9,505). 
norway & poland
Net sales in Norway and Poland increased by 23%. 
Net sales in Denmark increased by 20%.

The market

In 2021, the market for consulting services returned to growth, following the dramatic downturn caused by the pandemic in the previous year. At Ework Group, the number of consultants on assignment, as well as net sales, reached new record levels in the second quarter. The demand for consultants continued to increase throughout the year and the pattern was similar in most markets and skill areas. The growing market trend is reflected in Ework Group’s demand indicator through an increasing number of assignment requests, while the number of applications from consultants per assignment is lower.

The strongest year-over-year growth was achieved in Norway and Poland, and Sweden and Denmark also developed positively. Finland had a more sustained downturn but showed a positive increase in the fourthquarter. In summary, the year was characterized by post-pandemic market recovery and good growth for the Group.

Remote work continued to define the conditions for both consultants and our own staff during the year. Productivity remained good, but many missed the social interactions that contribute to well-being and creativity. The number of reported hours from consultants on assignments was not affected compared to previous years.

Outlook for 2022

Ework Group believes that the demand for consulting services will remain at a high level during 2022. The company has a strong position in the market and a broad network of consultants. The initiatives in digitalization have strengthened the customer offering and resulted in a more efficient organization, henceEwork Group is expected to continue and grow faster than the market. Our view is that the company will continue to increase the net sales growth rate and further improve the EBIT margin in 2022 compared to 2021.

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