At the forefront of technology

Meet the client: Aurobay

At the forefront of technology

Aurobay is a world leader in the field of combustion engines. Consultant Daniel Balke is one of the people who took them there.

Daniel Balke is one of the most prominent individuals in his field and has made a significant contribution to Aurobay’s advanced technology for combustion engines. As a consultant in the development department, first at Volvo Cars and then at Aurobay, he has led developments in areas of combustion engine technology.

“As a concept manager, I’m involved in shifting boundaries all the time, developing technology and introducing new technology,” he explains. 

From the outset Daniel’s role was that of the expert, and as such he quickly became one in the team, he explains. At Aurobay, it doesn’t matter whether you are an employee or a consultant, everyone works side by side towards the same goal.

“I was looking for a partner with smooth technological solutions and good conditions. Ework Group had what I was looking for. In practice, it means we don’t have so much direct contact on a daily basis – just as it should be. I report my time in the tool, and basically that’s the contact I have with Ework,” he says with a smile.

Despite – or maybe because of – the fact that the development of combustion engines has ‘changed radically’ in recent years, he finds work at Aurobay to be incredibly stimulating.

“Even though the automotive industry has increased its focus on electrification very quickly, combustion engines will have an important role to play for a long time to come, not least in hybrid solutions, for example,” he says.

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