Looking forward to expansion

Meet the client: Aurobay

Looking forward to expansion

The collaboration with Aurobay is a little bit broader and a little bit tougher than other collaborations. That’s how Erik Degerman at Ework Group sees it. “It’s making us enhance our offering and take significant steps in our own development.”

Aurobay is not quite like other clients. Their requirements are a little bit tougher and the scope of the agreement with them is a little bit larger compared with most other collaborations. Erik Degerman, account manager at Ework Group, is clearly enthusiastic. He refers in particular to the fact that the partnership with Aurobay includes many elements of Ework’s total offering.

“It means that we take care of all their consultant management on the white-collar side, from identifying suitable candidates in our extensive network to matching suitable individuals and then managing them on an ongoing basis during the assignment through Verama VMS,” he explains.

The agreement is not limited to any special segment of consultants, but covers the whole spectrum – from mechanical engineering to IT and management. Erik admits that this might make the agreement ‘a little more challenging than usual’, but it is in challenging situations that Ework Group thrives, adds value and develops at its best.

Something else that characterises the collaboration is Aurobay’s ambitions and opportunities to grow, now that they are independent of Volvo Cars. Henrik Ohlén, consultant manager at Aurobay, confirms that an expansion will push up the need for consultants and increase the proportion of consultants.

Erik Degerman, kundansvarig, Ework.
Erik Degerman, Account Manager, Ework Group.

“This is of course ideal for us, and we look forward to such a development. One of our strengths is finding the right consultant for the right assignment – even when time is tight,” says Erik.

One of the reasons why Aurobay chose Ework Group was Verama, the tool used to manage consultants. It covers the whole chain from when a need for a consultant arises, through selection and onboarding, to ongoing assignment management and finally the end of the assignment.

According to Aurobay’s consulting manager Henrik Ohlén they appreciated the high degree of possible adaptation and the simplicity of use for both managers and consultants.

“Of course it’s particularly pleasing to have that acknowledgement of Verama, as we from the start have put in a lot of energy into designing the platform based on the varying needs of the client. And of course this is a development process that continues, as we view this particular tool – used by both managers and consultants – as a key to efficient consultant management.”

Aurobay is still in the starting phase of its new, independent existence, with ambitious goals. Ework Group looks forward to joining them for the whole journey.

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