Tietoevry Poland chooses Ework Group as master vendor

Katarzyna Wolska, Country HR Manager Poland, Tietoevry.

Meet the client: Tietoevry

Tietoevry Poland chooses Ework Group as master vendor

Tietoevry Poland has chosen Ework Group to be its exclusive provider of IT competencies in Poland. The reason is obvious, Katarzyna Wolska Country HR Manager in Poland explains why.

The Global Digital Services provider Tietoevry has been present in Poland since 2006, to help customers accelerate their digital agenda. In Poland, Tietoevry has about 600 employees and 200 sub-contracted consultants supporting their clients deliver their products and services.

“For a company like us that sell skills – in our case software engineering – the people and their capabilities is our greatest asset. That makes it extra important for us to find the right partner providing us and our customers with the right resources,” says Katarzyna Wolska. 

When Ework opened its first offices in Poland in 2015 Tietoevry Poland actually became the very first local client. The collaboration started with Ework providing matched consultants and taking care of all the administration connected with the


“During my 17 years in this business, I have dealt with many vendors delivering similar service. What we appreciate with Ework Group is that our relationship from the beginning has been built on trust, transparency and reliability,” says Wolska.

Thanks to six years of successful cooperation and delivery Ework has now built the position as Master Vendor. From 2022 onward Ework Group is the exclusive provider for all of Tietoevry’s sub-contracted IT competencies in Poland.

Katarzyna Wolska, Country HR Manager Polen, Tietoevry.
Katarzyna Wolska, Country HR Manager Poland, Tietoevry.

“For me Ework Group is a guarantee for professionalism as well as kept timelines and full control of the entire service cycle. I would recommend them to anybody – or maybe not! Then they might have less time for us,” says Wolska with a smile.

Since 2015 Ework Group has managed to take the position as the third largest provider of IT solutions and services for the IT sector in Poland. That makes Poland the third largest Ework site with more than 1000 consultants in the assignment.

“Tietoevry Poland is the first client in Poland where we have boosted our position and become the Master Vendor,” says Karolina Brzozowska, Client Responsible at Ework Group, Poland.

“Over the years we have been given the opportunity to take over the cooperation with other suppliers making us the sole provider.” 

For Karolina Brzozowska and her team, becoming the Master Vendor is the best proof of a job well done.

“This demonstrates a great partnership and that our client has got our full support as well as speed in conducting the processes, also in the most difficult cases. It shows that hard work pays off,” says a pleased Brzozowska.

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