Verama – The new meeting place


Verama – The new meeting place

Verama has established itself as the new meeting place for buyers and sellers of consulting services. More and more actors see the benefits of using Verama VMS for a more efficient purchasing and management of consulting services.

With Verama, which was launched in 2020, Ework Group offers an independent market portal for actors in the consulting market. This is a place where buyers can advertise new assignments and sellers find assignments that match their specific expertise – whether or not they have chosen to work with Ework Group as a consultant supplier. Verama differs from other consultant portals in the way the platform gathers assignments from several buyers in one shared marketplace for the entire consulting sector. It provides a unique overview of the market’s different needs.

“There’s been a lack of shared infrastructure and place where all sellers and buyers can find each other. Nor have there been any effective collaborative tools. Verama is our way of meeting that need,” says Daniel Asvelius, CDO at Ework Group.

The growing number of users indicates that Verama has succeeded in positioning itself as the new meeting place for professional services. The feedback has been very positive. The interface is perceived as being attractive, technically sound and easy to use.

“The technical launch of the platform is one step. It’s something else altogether to attract users and create added value so that people choose to be proactive on Verama. The increased presence shows that we’ve succeeded,” says Daniel Asvelius.

Employer branding a new feature

One new feature in Verama is the opportunity for clients to position themselves through employer branding.

“In a market where demand exceeds supply, buyers of consulting services have realised how important it is to attract consultants with the right expertise,” says Daniel Asvelius.

A list of requirements is no longer enough to achieve a successful match.

“That’s why we worked with our clients to develop something that can be compared to company pages, which enables companies to promote both themselves and the assignments for which they’re seeking consultants,” he says.


Profiling produces more applicants

Companies that profile themselves and describe the services they are looking for attract far more applications than comparable clients that choose to remain anonymous. It shows that consultants in general appreciate the transparency around both clients and assignments, something that’s also confirmed by Ework’s annual client satisfaction survey. In the 2021 survey, transparency in particular is ranked highly by the consultants surveyed.

Daniel Asvelius is often asked why Ework Group is investing in a platform such as Verama, where it is free of charge for consultants and consulting companies to register.

“The platform supports Ework Group’s traditional business by providing access to a bigger network of consultants, while it at the same time lays the foundations for smart supplementary services ,” says Daniel Asvelius.

Effective supplier management with Verama VMS

One clear example of successful supplementary sales is Verama VMS (Vendor Management System), which is, just as the name suggests, a supplier management system. Verama VMS is a little bit more than that, though, and Daniel Asvelius describes it as a cross between a purchasing and an HR system. Verama VMS links up the two parts to work specifically for consulting services, providing an overview of hours worked, costs, framework agreements and everything else associated with the assignment – regardless of in which country the business is based. Ework Group has several clients that started to implement the system in one country that now are looking at a rollout in more countries where they have operations.

“One important reason why they choose Verama VMS is that they can work in one single system, whether they have operations in one or ten countries, or are hiring ten or 1,000 consultants,” says Daniel Asvelius.

Brings together unique market information

Other added value is that the data collected can provide unique market information. Bringing together several actors in one single place generates important information and generates a picture of what the market looks like on both client and supplier side. Many consulting companies are interested in seeing whether they are charging the right rates, whether they need to hire more people, what demand is like for certain skills – essentially anything that can help make various kinds of decisions, explains Daniel Asvelius. The future aim is to be able to collect and share the valuable information that is being generated.

“The more people that use Verama, the better the service is, both as a collector of valuable market information and as a marketplace. It feels really good that more and more people recognize the value of a shared platform for actors in the

consulting sector,” says Daniel Asvelius.

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This is Verama

This is Verama

Verama makes it possible for buyers and providers of consultants to procure consultants from thousands of suppliers, while giving consultants access to assignment requests from many different buyers in one single place.

This is Verama VMS

Verama VMS is a supplier management system specially developed for managing suppliers of consulting services. The system is integrated with Verama and provides buyers of consulting services with the opportunity to manage their consultant call-offs in a structured way, whether they choose to work with framework agreement suppliers or the open consulting market.

Verama in numbers

  • 500,000 views of assignments are processed in Verama every month.
  • 100,000 assignment applications since the launch at the turn of the year 2021/2022.
  • 300 new users – often more – every week.
  • 100 new consulting firms registered every week.

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